The initial idea was to become self-sufficient and we started with chickens, geese, turkeys and soon progressed to buying two Gloucester Old Spot weaners and a small flock of sheep.

The idea of the small farm shop appropriately named the 'Piggery' came when friends, family and neighbours started asking if they could buy some of the meat that we had produced.

If you would like anything from the farm shop during your stay, please ask. Ali is about most afternoons and will be happy to show you around. We sell, 'Gloucester Old Spot' pork, sausages, bacon and gammon and 'Suffolk' Lamb all raised here at Homer. The piggery also stocks a selection of jams, jellies and chutneys. A large selection of cakes are available on our Open Days, but one offs will need to be ordered.

Homer Barn

Mary Tavy


Dartmoor, Devon

PL19 9PP

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TEL: 01822 810848   

E-MAIL: ali@homerfarm.com

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